Thursday, 24 March 2016

What Our Naija Celebrities Drive

The Naija entertainment (when I say entertainment, I mean music, Nollywood, sports) industry is fast booming nowadays as in compared to what it used to be when the likes of Remedies and Azadus used to sing, and when likes of Rashidi Yekini played football to when actors like St. Obi used to act. There was money then too o but I'm sure you cant compare to the money flowing in nowadays.
Nigerian celebrities are not shy when it comes to enjoying the fruits of their labour. Expensive wristwatches, cars – these are some of the luxuries they acquire for themselves and tonight, we wont be getting all serious and talk about engines and all, Supercars Of Nigeria will take a look at some of the big wheels these stars flaunt around town and on social media.

First on the list is our very own Chairman, MI has a couple of cars in his garage but I think the one he loves most is his Bentley Continentel GT, who wont love a Bentley na, lol.

Baba nla himself, Wizkid, I so much love this guy, he is rich, although I don't know him personally but I feel he is humble, he hardly shows off on social media. He drives a Bentley too, a Porsche and some other fancy cars.

One of the freshest and best dressed Naija celebrity, Timaya Timaya, oh boi, the guy dey dress, and yes he drives a Bentley too although he crashed it sometimes ago, he has a G Wagon too and some other bad whips.

E be like say na Bentley dey reign with these Naija celebs, our own Chelsea superstar Mikel Obi drives a Range Rover anytime he is in Lagos but when in England, he pushes a Bentley Mulsanne, an Autobiography and an Aston Martin, who say money no good?

Badoo, baddest guy ever liveth, one of my favorite celebs, and hes humble enough to be following me on Instagram, he drives a G500 with the G63 Bodykit.

The OBO himself, he just acquired an Audi R8. He also drives a Range Rover, a G63amg, a Porsche Panamera, a Camaro etc, na real OBO o, leave am.

The koko Master, Banga Lee, he also drives a Bentley, an Aston Martin, a Mercedes Benz SL500, and he was recently given a Porsche Boxter by SLOT CEO, ride on baba nla.

Ice Prince the Oleku Crooner also pushes a Bentley GT.

P Square, honestly I no know which one be Peter or which one be Paul, I sha know they drive good cars, a Bentley, a Jeep Wrangler, etc.

Cash king Obafemi Martins is a guy that really knows how to spend money when it comes to buying cars, the car you see above is a Mercedes McLaren, he pushes this in Lagos, I have seen him personally with it and I even took a picture with him, people call him my twin. He has other cars in Lagos as well, a Bentley, a Porsche, a G63, a Range Rover etc, he drives an Aventador in America, I'm not sure where he plays for now.

Don Jazzy the Mavin Boss has a good taste when it comes to cars too, he drives a Porsche 911, an Escalade, a Range Rover, a Bentley and some other orishirishi cars, thumbs up bro.

My one and only, my baby boo wey no sabi say I exist, the queen of blogging in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji, she drives a 2015 Range Rover Sport, an Infiniti FX45, a Toyota Camry, and yes, she lives in an N800m mansion, anybody wey sabi am go know say I love her.

Limpopo crooner has a good fleet too, a gold wrapped Escalade, a red G500 with G63 bodykit, etc.

Popular Comedian AY also drives a G63AMG, a Jaguar XJL and an Acura MDX, talent sure really pays off.

Anyway, I don tire, look at all these people driving Bentleys and G Wagens, they followed their passion and turned it into paychecks, you wana join the list of Naija celebrities? this is what you need to do, discover yourself and follow that path, believe me, unless youre a top shot in an Oil firm or a politician, then trust me your job cant buy you a Bentley, your passion will.... the only excuse you have not to follow your dream is if your job can make you save enough to buy a Porsche in
one year.

I'm Ladi Bentley, goodnight


  1. Wonderful ladi Bentley...I'm in line with d school of thought...working 8-4..on smone else's dream ain't gonna get u a Bentley..I'm open to constructive criticism as I no be Mr sabi all...@me_abdol

  2. Ladi wait for my Maserati and bently ..coming soon.

  3. Lovely writeup. Keep it up

  4. Sorry @ladibently AY's car is ZDX not MDX just FYI. Keep it up Bro you doing great _

  5. Sorry @ladibently AY's car is ZDX not MDX just FYI. Keep it up Bro you doing great _