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7 steps to buy your car from USA and ship to Nigeria without leaving your bedroom

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In this article, I will be taking you through the easy steps you can use to buy your car from USA and ship to Nigeria without leaving your bedroom. Virtually all car dealers in Nigeria follow these same steps to buy and import the cars they sell to you. I’ll be proud to hear that you were able to import your car all by yourself after you read this post.

Steps to buy your car from USA and ship to Nigeria.

Register with a car auction website:

Online car auction is the safest and most reliable way to buy your car across the Atlantic especially when you do not have a well trusted ally over there. Don’t make the mistake of sending your money to any dealership. Most importantly, never send your money to family and friends that are not well trusted as they may use your money to pay rent. Some of these auction companies offer free registration while others charge $200 initial registration as well as annual subscription. A few of these online car auction sites are,, etc. You will also need to submit your identification card as well as other required documents in order to increase your bidding eligibility.

Learn and understand the common terms used in car auction:

This is very important as the technical terms are tools you require to make purchase decisions. You need to know the meaning of salvage title, clean title, buy it now, pure sale, enhanced vehicle, engine start program, run and drive etc. You also need a basic idea of the location of the states in USA so your story won’t be like that of a guy who bought a car in Oregon State thinking the car was in Orlando, Florida. He eventually paid additional $1,500 (N250,000) in shipping charges back in 2014. OYO is your case if you make such mistake today as you’ll have to cough out N700,000.
Note that you cannot export a car that does not have a valid title. You should only proceed to bid if the car’s title document is clean title, certificate of title or salvage title. You will not be able to export a car from USA if it has bill of sale or parts only certificate except the car is dismantled.

Search and select the car you want to buy:

This is the most tedious part of buying a car in Nigeria as you sometimes have to drive from Lagos to Ibadan in search of a car you may not like eventually. However, online auction gives you access to over 150,000 cars from your bedroom. Isn’t that interesting?
At this point, you really need to shine your eyes. This is where most people make mistakes as they fall in love with a car that looks spotless in picture. Thereby ignoring the fact that the vehicle narration states that it has a front end accident. You may not see the front damage in the picture because the car may have been partially repaired by the insurance company before putting it up for bid. Hence, you have to pay attention to every single detail and don’t just look at a car on the surface.
Well, some car dealers in Nigeria don’t pay attention to details because they prefer to buy the scrappy accidented cars which are cheaper and they come fix them here. Make sure you do a Vehicle History/VIN check before you proceed to buy the car. You can also engage the service of independent inspectors who would do a thorough inspection of the vehicle on your behalf. This inspection service comes at a cost of about $90.

Buy your car:

Some cars are listed as buy it now which means you can buy them at the displayed price immediately you spot them. However, other cars can only be purchased at a predetermined bid date. So you have to wait for that date and time to join the bid room (See video of Nigerians in the bid room).

When I get to this stage, I always pray this our Naija internet does not mess me up. I dumped Swift Network for Smile but now thinking of Spectranet as the Smile is beginning to turn to frown.

Pay for your car:

Bank wire transfer and debit/credit card are the 2 main options you can use to make your payment. The card payment is faster and cheaper, however, you’ll be restricted by maximum card limits and declined transactions on most Nigerian cards. Therefore, you are probably left with just the wire transfer. Buy dollar from your Aboki and send through your bank dollar account.
Furthermore, you have to initiate the transfer of the money as soon as possible because you will be charged a penalty of $50 to $100 if they don’t get your money within 2-3 business days. Immediately they receive the money, they credit your car auction online account with the same amount. Hence, your payment for the car in processed and voila! the car is yours.

Ship your car from USA:

At this point, you or your shipping agent in USA will arrange a tow truck or flat bed to pick up the car and deliver at the closest US seaport. This cost may be as low as $200 and it may be as high as $1,800 if you buy your car in a state that is far away from the seaports on the east coast.
Note that your car must leave the auction company’s compound/yard within 7 days after the bid date. Else, you will start to pay $20 daily for storage charge.
Your shipping agent clears the car through US customs for export. Before, you know it, your car is already on the Atlantic heading to Nigeria. Most people prefer Ro-Ro (Roll on Roll off) shipping method to Container shipping. This is because the container shipping method is a little more expensive. You also have to pair with other people in order to share the container cost. The challenge with the pairing is some of the people you share the container with may delay in presenting their shipping documents or payment for import duty in Nigeria and this may make you incur demmurage at Lagos port.

Clear your car with Nigeria Customs:

You can do this yourself if you have the time and energy to spare. Alternatively, employ the service of a reliable clearing agent who will clear your car within 2-3 days.
The surface duty is 35% of the estimated value of the car. In addition, you will pay surcharge, VAT, shipping and terminal charges as well as other miscellaneous charges. Note that owners of 2016 and 2017 cars with mileage less than 5,000 kilometres will pay surface duty of 70%.


It takes an average of 6 weeks to get the car from the auction site to Lagos. I have done it before in 4 weeks but that was just a one-off.
Now. you can buy your car from USA and ship to Nigeria without leaving your house.
Tell if you brought in your car from USA and your experience.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

This Is How Dangerous Car Exhaust Smoke Is To Your Health?

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The adverse health effects of car exhaust fumes are pervasive and difficult to measure. Many people are exposed to exhaust emissions every day in different ways from vehicles running on diesel and petrol.

How are people exposed to exhausts fumes?
Breathing in fumes from car exhaust; this could increase the risk of a heart attack for those already battling a heart disease. A heart attack occurs when the flow of oxygenated blood to a section of the heart’s muscles has been blocked. Inhaling fumes in heavy amounts could trigger a heart attack, according to a team of researchers from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Sciences.

Where are people exposed to exhausts fumes?
1. At work : People with the some of the highest exposures at work include truck drivers, heavy machinery operators, railroad and dock workers, garage workers and mechanics.

2. While traveling: Exposure to exhaust fumes may be higher when in a
vehicle, especially when traveling on roads with heavy truck or bus traffic. Commuting to and from work is a potential source of
exposure to fumes for many people. One particular area of concern is children’s exposures to smoke and other pollutants while riding in school buses which usually don’t have air conditioning systems.

3. Where they live and play: People can also be exposed to it in areas where they live and play. Especially through generators.

How are exhaust fumes emitted?
Exhaust gas is emitted as a result of the combustion of fuels such as natural gas, petrol, diesel fuel, fuel oil or coal. It is discharged into the atmosphere through an exhaust pipe. The largest part of most combustion gas is nitrogen,water vapour and carbon dioxide. A relatively small part of combustion gas is composed of undesirable, toxic substances such as carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion.

Diseases likely to be caused through inhaling car exhaust fume are:
1.Cancer: Vehicles emit numerous carcinogenic chemicals. Diesel contains benzene, formaldehyde, and 1,3- butadiene — all these are well recognized carcinogens. It was observed that vehicle emissions account for as many as half of all cancers attributed to outdoor air pollution.

2. Cardiovascular diseases: Death and hospital admissions for myocardial infarction, congestive cardiac failure and cardiac arrhythmia increase with increase in the concentrations of particulate and gaseous pollutants. As concentrations of airborne particles increase, those with cardiovascular disease may experience increasing severity of symptoms, rates of hospitalization, and mortality.

3. Asthma attack: Exhaust fume is especially dangerous, containing nearly 40 hazardous pollutants. The mixture contains carbon particles. These fine particles may be deeply inhaled into the lung and carry with them a collection of attached hazardous compounds. Emissions increase the severity and duration of asthma attacks.

What can be done to minimize exposure to exhaust fumes?
Since components of vehicle exhaust fumes are carcinogenic, exposures to both diesel and gasoline exhaust emission constitute a large proportion of our exposures and must be minimized.
1. Cars and trucks should not run idle unnecessarily and people should turn off their engines when they are not in their vehicles.

2. Exhaust exposure can also be avoided by decreasing the amount of time spent where machines are running.

3. People should not exercise along busy streets or highways.

4. You can also reduce exhaust exposure by closing your car windows while driving in moderate and heavy traffic.

5. It is very important that you service your car engines properly and in due time. 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

These Are Top 5 Expensive Car Problems That Are Not Worth Fixing If They Go Bad

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Normal vehicle maintenance is very common for every vehicle, but sometimes things can be neglected for too long or even just go bad. While some auto repair and scheduled maintenance can be affordable for most, there are a few car problems that are not worth fixing if they go bad. The following list will show the top culprits that are too expensive to get fixed. If you are having any of these problems in your current vehicle, it may be time to start looking for a new vehicle.

1)A Bent Frame

If your vehicle has been in an accident and its frame gets bent, it’s time to let it go.The more the damage, the lesser the chances that the frame can come back to shape. Anything less than perfect can prove to be hazardous for your safety. Cars are engineered keeping your safety in mind. if the bend is beyond the crumple zone (meant to protect the car in case of heavy impact) a bent frame can compromise that very aim.

2)Blown Up Head Gasket

When the gasket that separates the head of the engine from the block breaks, you are in for a lot of expenditure, so much so, that you’d rather buy a new car.
The reason is that when this gasket gets blown,coolant and engine oil mix together,causing clouds of smoke to come out while you drive. With time, the mileage will drop even below miserable.

3)Bad Transmission
Transmission is as important as the engine is. So, if either goes, your car is likely to give up too. The cost to have it repaired could be more than you’re willing to spend,and still may not work as efficiently. It is, in fact, one of the major car problems that are not worth fixing.

4)Electrical Problems/Glitches

Yes,electrical problems may sound very normal at first, but the more modern your car is, the trickier and more expensive it is to fix. So it may be time for you to let your car go and move on to a newer model.

5)Rust On Your Car

It can be expensive and difficult to repair a rusted out piece of your vehicle so it’s not worth fixing if you are experiencing this problem.Either you’ll just have to live with it,  or start looking for a newer car that has no rust.

Friday, 3 November 2017

7 Ways To Keep Your Properties Safe When You Board A Danfo Bus

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Do you know that pain and speechlessness you experience when you get home only to discover that your phone or money is no longer in your pocket ? .
A good number of people who have boarded a public bus especially Danfo at one time or the other have lost their money or property even if it is an umbrella.

Let’s learn a few tips to help keep our properties safe when you board a public transport.

1.Front Pockets Please !

Keep all valuables in your front pocket ,or in your bag if you have one with you. There are some smooth criminals that pick-pocket before and even after you board the bus.

2.Place Your Bag In Front Of You

Whether its a laptop bag or female handbag or polybag,it should always be in front of you,on your lap,with the handle around your shoulder,now hug your bag tight.

3.Don’t Ever Think Of Sleeping

Even if its long distance traveling ,try not to sleep at all.Stay awake,stay alert !.

4.Keep Valuables Away From The Window

Especially your phones,don’t get carried away chatting on Whatsapp ,your phone could get snatched by someone outside the vehicle when you sit close to the window.

5.Don’t Flaunt It

Seriously,keep your Iphones in your pocket,its really not a time to flaunt it.Try as much as possible not to flaunt expensive stuffs.

6.Don’t Talk About Money

This is deviating a bit from the public bus,but it could originate there,so it kind of counts .
Stop having your 30 billion discussion with a client  in a bus !.Wait till you get home or a private place,you could be followed !.

7.Always Check Your Surrounding Before Alighting

Always make it a rule to check your sit and surroundings before alighting from the bus ,something might have slipped out from your pocket or dropped from your bag.
We hope you have found these tips helpful .

Thursday, 2 November 2017

22 Car Parts That Are Related To The Human Body

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In recent times, cars are becoming more like human especially with autonomous features.. They are beginning to have artificial intelligence but all didn’t start today as we will be looking at some car parts and features that are closely related to that of human beings.
Even if these car parts are largely made of hard metals and plastics, their functions are related to some of our body parts which are soft flesh, bones etc.

Car Parts Vs Human Parts

1) ECU (Electronic Control Unit) – Brain

2)Engine and fuel pump – Heart
3) Air intake – Nose and lungs
4) Exhaust – Anus
5) Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) – Fingerprint 
6) Wheels – Legs and hands 
7) Fuel – Food 
8) Fuel tank – Stomach
9) Ball joints – elbow and knee
10) Horn – Mouth 
11) Car diagnostic scan – Human vital signs/Medical scan 
12) Car structural frame – Skeletal system
13) Engine torque – strength
14) Engine oil and other fluids – Blood and body fluids
15) Car chassis – human spinal cord
16) Oil and fuel filters – the kidneys
17) Shock absorbers – cartilages 
18) Fuel and radiator filler – Mouth to eat and drink 
19) Windscreen wipers – Eye lashes
20) Tyres – Shoes 
21) Headlight and windscreen – Eyes
22) Turbo and super chargers – steroids

There are too many to mention.. you can add yours in the comment section and feel free to correct the parts that are wrongly paired.. 
If you are not sure what to add, just tell us the human part that relates to a car’s gear/transmission and wiring system.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

7 Best Cars For Nigerian Roads

Buying a car is an important step that nearly every adult has to face sooner or later. While choosing the perfect car for your family, there are many things to take into account, and the Nigerian roads condition is one of them.
The car you pick should be exceptionally durable, so that it wouldn’t fall apart after a few weeks of use, and designed for driving on difficult terrains. Here are 7 of the best cars for Nigerian roads you can buy.

1. Nissan Pathfinder

Nissan is best known for building beautiful city cars, but the Pathfinder, which turned out to be a perfect off-road vehicle, became a welcome addition to Nissan’s lineup.
The Nissan Pathfinder started out as a truck-based vehicle, but during almost 30 years of its existence, it turned into the reliable, large, and well-equipped SUV we know and love today.

2. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

When thinking about cars with outstanding off-road performance, a Jeep vehicle is one of the first things that jumps to mind.
For decades the Jeep Wrangler has been the epitome of mighty off-road vehicles that could also feel great in the city. The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is not only a highly capable vehicle but also a pleasure to look at.

3. Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has had the status of an iconic vehicle ever since it was introduced, and for a good reason: despite its moderate pricing and small dimensions, it’s a car that is ideal both for on-road and off-road settings.
The Golf is popular with all categories of buyers, especially the ones who love to travel a lot since it’s one of the best cars for road trips.

4. Toyota Corolla

Out of all factors that contribute to making a car great, fuel economy is certainly one of the most essential ones.
There’s nothing wrong that paying for a car and then having to fill it up constantly, especially given the rising prices of fuel. The Toyota Corolla has always made the ranks of the most fuel efficient cars, so you can’t go wrong with it.

5. Land Rover Range Rover Sport

If you often drive through challenging terrains, then a sedan or hatchback may not be the most practical choice. Instead, you should look for a powerful and exceptionally well-built vehicle that can sustain the pressure of Nigerian roads.
The Range Rover Sport may be your perfect option in this case, as it has been considered a top off-road choice for years.

6. Toyota Sequoia

There are many reasons for the Sequoia’s immense popularity. One, it’s a vehicle designed specifically for battling all possible driving conditions.
Second, it’s spacious enough even for a large family while being perfectly maneuverable on the road. Third, its sleek and eye-catching design will make you proud of owning this beast of a vehicle.

7. Mercedes-Benz G-Class

The German automotive industry knows everything about designing the most comfortable road trip vehicle or a car that can overcome the challenges of Nigerian roads.
The G-Class series has an iconic place in the world’s history of cars, and it can become your new ideal vehicle – given that you have the budget for this luxury model.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

6 Ways To Spot A Flood Damaged Car

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Sometimes in August and the early days of September 2017, the world held its breath as violent tropical storm named Hurricane Harvey and Irma wreaked havoc across Eastern Texas as well as North Eastern Caribbean and some parts of Florida.

An estimated 1 million cars were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. And with Nigeria’s reliance on Tokunbo cars, it is not out of place for some of those flood-damaged cars to find their way to the Lagos ports.

In fact, some industry watchers believe some of the cars are already in car shops and on the roads in Nigeria’s South-West Region.

So, it makes a lot of sense to be on guard if you are looking to buy tokunbo cars within this period. Here are 6 signs you should look out for.

1. Check the Smell:

Put your nose to some detective use here.
There is a unique smell that comes out from a flood damaged car. If you want to buy a tokunbo car now, you should sniff it.
The odour of a flood damaged car is difficult to hide. No matter the quality of air freshener you use in the car, that moisty, moldy scent would still sting.

2. Check For Underbody Rust:

The underbody rust can be observed by looking underneath the car.
Since water and iron are enemies, the flooding speeds up the oxidation process which allows corrosion of the car. Due to the time it takes to ship the vehicle, signs of rust would have started showing underneath by the time it gets here.
So, you are likely to spot it if you check it during an inspection.

3. Check the Electrical Systems:

This is another critical point to keep in mind during the inspection if you must avoid being fooled.
In high-tech vehicles, it makes it even easier to spot because the electrical systems of a flood damaged vehicle may not function effectively.
You should look out especially for the seat control, the seat belt and most of the sensors that are underneath.

4. Check the Seat Upholsteries:

The seat upholsteries consist of leather, cloth and foam, so if it is flooded, it may not dry up totally and you may see some watermarks.
If your inspection gets as far as opening the glove box, you will also notice some deformities there.

5. Check the Engine Bolts:

Some of the parts of the car that are related to metals are difficult to hide their damages from flooding. The engine bolts are parts of those parts.
If you examine them properly, you should be able to determine if they have started rusting. If they are rusted, it it’s sign of flood damaged. Do a VIN check to verify the flood status of the car.

6. Check the Floor Rugs:

The rug on the floor of the car if properly scrutinised could also tell you a bit about the car’s history.
If the rug is moist or partly wet, it is a sign that the car may have been flooded.
You will likely see some bacteria breeding on the rugs, you will also see chlorophyll and some greenish parts on the tips of the rugs.
If all these signs are there on the rug, then it could be another flooded vehicle being disguised for open sale.
Now you know, shine your eyes!!!