Wednesday, 18 October 2017

6 Ways To Spot A Flood Damaged Car

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Sometimes in August and the early days of September 2017, the world held its breath as violent tropical storm named Hurricane Harvey and Irma wreaked havoc across Eastern Texas as well as North Eastern Caribbean and some parts of Florida.

An estimated 1 million cars were destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. And with Nigeria’s reliance on Tokunbo cars, it is not out of place for some of those flood-damaged cars to find their way to the Lagos ports.

In fact, some industry watchers believe some of the cars are already in car shops and on the roads in Nigeria’s South-West Region.

So, it makes a lot of sense to be on guard if you are looking to buy tokunbo cars within this period. Here are 6 signs you should look out for.

1. Check the Smell:

Put your nose to some detective use here.
There is a unique smell that comes out from a flood damaged car. If you want to buy a tokunbo car now, you should sniff it.
The odour of a flood damaged car is difficult to hide. No matter the quality of air freshener you use in the car, that moisty, moldy scent would still sting.

2. Check For Underbody Rust:

The underbody rust can be observed by looking underneath the car.
Since water and iron are enemies, the flooding speeds up the oxidation process which allows corrosion of the car. Due to the time it takes to ship the vehicle, signs of rust would have started showing underneath by the time it gets here.
So, you are likely to spot it if you check it during an inspection.

3. Check the Electrical Systems:

This is another critical point to keep in mind during the inspection if you must avoid being fooled.
In high-tech vehicles, it makes it even easier to spot because the electrical systems of a flood damaged vehicle may not function effectively.
You should look out especially for the seat control, the seat belt and most of the sensors that are underneath.

4. Check the Seat Upholsteries:

The seat upholsteries consist of leather, cloth and foam, so if it is flooded, it may not dry up totally and you may see some watermarks.
If your inspection gets as far as opening the glove box, you will also notice some deformities there.

5. Check the Engine Bolts:

Some of the parts of the car that are related to metals are difficult to hide their damages from flooding. The engine bolts are parts of those parts.
If you examine them properly, you should be able to determine if they have started rusting. If they are rusted, it it’s sign of flood damaged. Do a VIN check to verify the flood status of the car.

6. Check the Floor Rugs:

The rug on the floor of the car if properly scrutinised could also tell you a bit about the car’s history.
If the rug is moist or partly wet, it is a sign that the car may have been flooded.
You will likely see some bacteria breeding on the rugs, you will also see chlorophyll and some greenish parts on the tips of the rugs.
If all these signs are there on the rug, then it could be another flooded vehicle being disguised for open sale.
Now you know, shine your eyes!!!

BMW Club Of Nigeria Invites You To BIMMERFEST 2017

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The BMW FESTIVAL (Bimmerfest) is one of the largest BMW automobile gatherings on the BMW calendar worldwide. It is your one stop shop to meet/network/market to all the BMW automobile (car and bike) owners, associates and lovers in Lagos.
BMW Club of Nigeria is an exclusive enthusiast organization operating under the guidelines of the BMW Clubs International Council, Munich and the Club is also a proud member of the BMW Clubs Africa. The Vision is to be the largest hub/platform of exclusive motoring activities, ranging from autotainment, motorsports, lifestyle shows and road courtesy campaigns in Nigeria.

BMW Club is exclusively inviting you and a few organizations that identify with performance to share in this annual celebration of luxury and excellence. The Bimmerfest is part of a series of events, building up to the Lagos City Racing, scheduled for the later part of the year.

The Venue: Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos
Date: Saturday, 21st October 2017
Time: 12noon
So join us as we display some top range BMW models – the oldies, the newbie’s, the customized and the tuned. There will be a miniature golf course set up within the park for the golf lovers, on a screen display of some of the worlds best automobile stunts, engine display, auto care/ safety /technical sessions, backyard BBQ, drinks, food and traditional summer favorites with a playful twist.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

17 Insanely Easy Tips and Tricks Every Driver Should Know

A majority of adults drive cars, so why not make the trip from point A to point B — and the upkeep of your car — a little bit easier?
No, these tips and tricks won’t make you a certified mechanic or magically eliminate those people who can’t seem to exert enough energy to slightly lift one finger and use their turn signal, but they can make general upkeep and travel a little bit less stressful.

Use toothpaste to clean headlights.

Simply buff your headlights with toothpaste on a soft cloth, and they’ll look good as new in minutes.

Properly adjust your mirrors.

Safety experts believe that mirrors should be positioned so that no part of your car appears in them, as that’s the best way to negate blind spots that require you to turn your head when changing lanes.
The mirror placements should slightly overlap with the field of view in the center-mounted rear-view mirror.

Tie up your phone.

Thread a rubber band through your air conditioner vent for a makeshift phone holder.

Fast food fix.

Tired of fast food ruining your car floors?
Shower caddies are a simple solution to keeping meals in place during a bumpy ride, which is especially helpful with kids.

Make a trash can.

Need a sturdy trash can? Line a cereal container with a bag and you’re all set.

Back that thing up

Hang a tennis ball in your garage so you know exactly when to stop backing up.

What side is the tank on?

If it’s time to fill up the tank and you’re in an unfamiliar car, save yourself the embarrassment of pulling up to the wrong side.
The arrow on the gas gauge points to the side that the tank is on.

Never forget where you parked.

It’s easy, but do we remember to do it? Rarely.
Save yourself the time wandering around the parking lot by taking a picture of where you parked.

Quickly tell what side of the highway your exit is on.

While there’s no guarantee that all signs are set up this way across the country, the next time you’re driving on the highway, check out the sign position.
As the pictures shows, it could help you quickly know, even from a great distance, which lane to get into.

Remove a registration sticker.

Whether it’s an oil change reminder or a registration sticker, the goo they leave behind is irritating at best.
Grab a newspaper and put warm water on it, place it over the registration sticker for approximately 10 minutes, and the sticker residue will be gone.

Easily open a key ring.

Instead of fumbling around for 15 minutes and breaking your nails, use a staple remover to easily open a key ring.

Cool a car down without air conditioning.

Roll down one window, and open and close the door on the other side five to six times. The hot air escapes through the door you’re opening and closing, while the cool air enters through the window on the other side.
That way you’re not wasting any gas by blasting the air conditioner.

Stash those tissues.

A reusable coffee mug makes a great holder for tissues, and you know it will fit right into the cup holder in your console.

Use your chin to increase your remote car opener.

If your remote car door opener doesn’t have the range to open your door, place the car key fob on your chin to increase the range of the car-retrieval signal.
The fluids in your head turn it into an adequate conductor.

Treat windshield cracks with nail polish.

You can slow a crack in your windshield until you can get your car to the shop by brushing clear nail polish on the crack on both sides of the glass and then pull it into the sun to dry.

Plunge (small) problems away.

If you have small dents in your car, just push a plunger firmly against it and pull out to see your car go mostly back to normal in just a few seconds.
(That’s much more pleasant than what you normally use a plunger for, now isn’t it?)

Create a GPS stand.

Are you using your phone as GPS?
Create a helpful stand by simply using rubber bands and a binder clip and resting it in between.

Ready to ride?

Monday, 2 October 2017

How To Buy The Right Battery For Your Car

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Your car battery isn’t something that should give you a lot of sleepless nights, but when it does, it’s often very frustrating. This is more likely to happen when you buy a pre-owed car. The battery of an older car is often a mystery as you may never truly know what the previous owner has done with the car or it’s battery. It’s even possible that your newly purchased pre-owned car may not have the right battery in it. Here’s how you can prevent tears and waste of money by purchasing the right battery for your car.

Removing and replacing a car batteryThe safest way to get the right battery for your car is the remove the existing battery and take it to the auto parts for a like-for-like comparison. This is the safest method but also quite cumbersome in terms of logistics. Also, there is a possibility that the battery you are removing may not be the correct battery. This is especially possible if you have a used car. Unless you purchased the car brand new, there is no way of fully knowing if the battery in the car is the correct battery. Always remember to buy a battery with the highest quality and CCA/RC rating. Selecting more battery power than you need is generally better in the long run than choosing just enough. 

Checking battery lifeOne of the most common and biggest mistakes you can make with a DIY battery change for your car, is to assume the battery is faulty. Most people jump the gun when it comes to replacing a faulty battery only to discover the new battery also has issues shortly after purchasing it. A good starting point in trouble shooting car problems associated with your battery is to check your charging system. This will allow you to determine if your battery needs to be replaced or undergo maintenance. 

Finding the right size batteryDon’t overlook the importance of choosing the correct sized battery for your vehicle. Car batteries are often grouped by size by automobile manufacturers. This is a great way to ensure battery sizes are standardized. When your car battery fits perfectly in the battery tray, your battery will be prevented from damage and vibration to a minimum.  
When it comes to buying a battery for your car, knowledge is indeed power. Do you have any tips for buying a new car battery? Share them with us!

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Car Accident: Baby And A Python (Anonymous)

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He has done for me! He has done for me!
What my father cannot do, He has done for me.
That is the usual chorus my wife always goes with anytime we embark on our compulsory September thanksgiving at the church we attend especially after surviving a ghastly motor accident which also involved our 6month old baby. That was three years ago. The very obvious scar on my wife’s left cheek is always a reminder of God’s kindness and also of that very terrible day.
I was driving to the eastern part of the country from Lagos in my new Honda Accord. Actually, it isn’t brand new. I got it from a friend who was living the country and it’s still very sharp. I had my wife with me and 6-month old Lizzy (my little princess) whom I had carefully strapped into her car baby seat. I did that anytime we had to stop for her to feed. We were already about exiting the popular Ore town which usually has bad spots. I cleared the spots with little or no skin pain until the unexpected happened. A car ahead on high speed suddenly lost control. I am pretty sure one of its tyres pulled off because a tyre kept rolling about dangerously and drivers kept dodging it until it came to my turn. I am a fan of the fast and furious movie, I dodged too. I can’t say the same for the truck driver coming behind. For some reason I still haven’t understood, his truck ran over the tyre and suddenly gained momentum. The momentum kept building and the driver began to honk his horn heavily. I tried my best to get out of his way but he caught my rear and that threw my car off balance and sent the car somersaulting. The only thing I took notice of was the time before the first somersault. It was 12:23p.m. I was not aware anything much until when I opened my eyes again. All glasses were shattered. I had some cuts. Not too serious. I looked at my wife. She wasn’t moving. Her face was bloody. I checked her for a pulse and I found it. I looked back to find my little princess no more. She wasn’t in the vehicle. Her belts all broken. How? I then looked at the time. It was 11:50a.m I can’t believe it’s been a whole 27minutes gone. I was beginning to freak out. I struggled out of the car to find my way back to the road. It was then I noticed we landed in a ditch. No wonder nobody has come to our rescue. I got to the road but what I saw seemed more ghastly than what I was in. I didn’t even know who to turn to. Everyone available seemed more clueless than I was. I ran back to my car to check on my wife. I checked for serious injuries but only found cuts on her face. She was held in place by her seat belt. I took out my handkerchief and tied it around the wound that seemed deepest. I then tried waking her. She only moved with some pain and had to just hope she doesn’t have any internal injuries. I turn around to look for traces of my baby. I saw her head warmer not so far away and a bit of her dress on a little bit of wood. It was stained with blood. Not so much but something significant. I ran in further along the ditch and I could hear my baby chuckle and giggle not so far off. I moved closer to see the biggest shocker of my entire 30 years. My baby girl has comfortably placed on the body of a boa. Yes it’s a boa constrictor. I have seen it on Nat Geo Wild. I did not expect to see it with my baby. I could not shout or talk or move. I could only feel tears run down my cheeks. My little princess, snake snack. In utmost doubt, I could see both human baby and snake playing. The only thing that came out my mouth was “Lord, please save my baby”. As if the boa heard it, it looked in my direction, hissed twice. It then looked at my baby and did the same too before moving its lengthy body in a manner that let my baby down lightly and carefully. She tried to crawl. It was her first attempt to crawl and for what reason? Her Snake friend? NOOOOOO! I can’t allow that. I rushed and picked her up and ran away to get my wife. I could see my wife moving as I approached the car. I got to her and all she could ask was where her baby is. I showed her the baby then tried getting her out of the car. She could still walk. I couldn’t tell her anything about what I have seen even till this present time.
Sometimes I keep wondering and thinking. What actually happened? Does that explain why Lizzy doesn’t get scared of crawling creatures on TV just the way other children of her age do?
How is it possible that an attempt to swallow her wasn’t carried out? All these question keep bugging me. I know God has been greatly involved but I still need more humanly possible answers. My family doesn’t know till now. I just had to voice out somewhere.
What do you think really happened?

Friday, 29 September 2017

Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip This Independence Day Weekend

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October 1st is around the corner, and theres good news. Public Holiday. Preparing for a road trip? Don’t go anywhere until you check your car breaks. A well functioning brake helps ensure safe car driving. If you suspect there is something wrong, see your mechanic. Here are some warning signs to look out for:

  1. Light: If the brake light is illuminated on your car dashboard, see your mechanic.
  2. Vibration: Does your brake vibrate or pulse when you step on the brake? You may need new rotors.
  3. Hard Pedal: You seem to apply strong pressure before the brake engages. It might be the brake booster, visit your mechanic as soon as possible to confirm
  4. Noise: When applying your brakes you hear a loud screeching or squeaking noise. It could mean that your brakes may need replacement as it may be hitting the rotor. If the noise you hear is grinding, it means your brake pad is non-existent. Stop driving and have a mechanic come check the brakes out.
Brakes from time to time need replacement. The factors that affect the wear of your brakes includes:
  1. Driving habits
  2. Operational conditions
  3. Car type
  4. The quality of brake lining.
Avoid letting your brakes get to the “metal-to-metal” point as this could mean spending big on the rotor and/or drum replacement. All this comes with lots of love from Supercars Of Nigeria.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

The Female Banker And The Keke Marwa Driver

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Jones! Jones!! Jones!!! These were the words spilling out of the Keke Maruwa (Tricycle) driver, distracting every passers-by with his loud voice on a clumsy Monday morning in Lagos. I had stood by the roadside for almost 20 minutes waiting, fidgeting on the spot, eyes focused on every Keke that passed by like I could go blind if my eyes missed a sight of the vehicle. So you can imagine how I jumped at the sight of the oncoming Keke that was screaming Jones.
I hurriedly found a seat to relax my hurting legs for the next 10 minutes of the trip to the office. I checked my wristwatch it was 8:50 a.m, I searched my bag for my wallet to get out the money for the fare just to make things fast when I alight.

I was already looking stressed due to the 20 minutes exercise of scouting for a vehicle, I quickly freshened up my oily face with a face towel while the journey went on smoothly as people were coming off at different bus stops. I knew I needed some distractions so I browsed through my phone, opened the Facebook application to view pending news feed that will lighten up my mood. Waiting for the app to load up, I looked up and noticed an unpleasant sight. A beautiful car had bashed into a street light. A young car enthusiast who sat next to me couldn’t help but lament about how someone could bash a Bentley Muslanne. I just felt it must have been due to Sunday Night’s “activities”.

The next time I looked up, we had approached the bus stop to my office so I alerted him, “Driver O wa o! (Driver I will stop here) He pulled the vehicle to a halt, I alighted and gave him ₦50. In an attempt to cross the road, I just felt a tap on my shoulder “Madam my money neva complete”. I looked back at the sound of the angry voice and I replied “what money, No be ₦50?” He lost patience and threw the money at me. I tried as much as possible to comport myself by replying him in a polite manner to make way for me as I was almost late for the day’s job. At this moment, all i could picture was me driving my own car(no matter how small it may be) to work. I would have avoided such embarrassment. I think i better start looking into one of these car finance schemes being advertised nowadays.

I was called back to reality as the driver suddenly started raining abusive words on me uncontrollably, spitting out words I couldn’t comprehend and then I lost my patience. ”Oga wetin be your problem, na ₦50 we dey take Jones since when did it increase to ₦100” When passengers in the Keke couldn’t condone the scene, they came to interfere in the misunderstanding. Then one of the passengers, a young man in his mid-30s tried pulling the driver to the order side when he was beginning to jump and make gestures like he was ready for a fight. The young man told him that he should come drive so the rest of the passengers can be taken to their different destinations.

The next statement the driver altered was ”no be bank you dey work, after all the money they pay you no fit pay ₦100, abeg waka joor! ” After he made this statement, I didn’t know when I busted out laughing uncontrollably till my stomach hurt. It was then it occurred to me he was using my appearance to charge me for the fare. Passengers in the Keke couldn’t help but insult the guy as he had displayed an act of greed. I was embarrassed as though I couldn’t afford to pay the balance but the feeling left me the moment I realized he wanted to cheat me.
On a second thought I don’t blame the guy as the economy is not smiling, men must hustle for the fastest way out of the situation in the country. ⋕Smiles⋕