Saturday, 8 July 2017

12 Experiences Anyone Wey Dey Enter Danfo Wella Can Relate To

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Danfo buses are the real colours of Lagos. Hate them or need them, they are very important to the city’s survival. Whether its 12am or 4am, there is a high chance you will find a bus going your way.
These are the moments people who enter danfo will relate to too well:

1. When 2 conductors start dragging you to enter their buses.

2. When the bus tears your new shirt on your way to a job interview.

3. When you sleep and wake up after your bus stop.

4. When youre sitting between 2 plus sized women.

5. When you remember on your way home that you didn't collect N950 change.

6. When the girl in front of you thinks youre using your knees to press her soft bum bum.

7. When the driver passes BRT lane and LASTMA nabs him in front.

8. When someone turns your shoulder to Matress.

9. When the woman with 3 kids looks at you and says "Uncle please help me lap your aburo, God bless you".

10. When the conductor starts to spit on you while hes shouting.

11. When the conductor refuses to give you your change and then joins you with someone else at the final destination.

12. When the bus gets a flat tire and conductor no wan drop money.

I'm sure we must have experienced one of these things, oya tell us which one.

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