Saturday, 3 June 2017

Supercars We Are Still Hoping To Spot In Naija (Pictures)

Hi, I'm Ladi Bentley. When it comes to cars, we Nigerians (me included, money just never dey) can go extra mile and spend any amount just to be the first person to drive a car on Naija soil. We can testify to that with the kind of cars I post on my IG page, infact some people just buy this cars to prove that they owned it first, we can see that with the Brabus g700 6x6 parked somewhere in Ikoyi.

But even with that, with the amount of money going around in this country, there are still some cars we haven't seen here and are still hoping to see....... these ballers have the money so why aren't these cars here?

Below are some of the cars were hoping to spot soon on Naija soil.

Image result for pagani zonda
Pagani Zonda

Image result for pagani huayra
Pagani Huayra
Image result for hennessey venom gt
Hennesy Venom
Image result for rolls royce dawn
Rolls-Royce Dawn
Image result for mclaren p1
McLaren P1
Image result for chiron bugatti
Bugatti Chiron
Image result for reventon
Lamborghini Reventon
Image result for 3 million dollar maserati
Maserati MC12
Image result for porsche 918 spyder
Porsche 918

Image result for maybach coupe
Maybach Coupe
Image result for ferrari enzo
Ferrari Enzo
Image result for ferrari laferrari
Ferrari LaFerrari
And the list goes on, biko if you know any, add it to the list, Goodnight.


  1. Wanna here a Good joke? TESLA P100D

  2. I love the fast cars, nice pictures and post, thanks for sharing..!! Cars for sale

  3. I have of video of the Lamborghini dm @yourboyfriend_gram on instagram

  4. McLaren 720s, McLaren P1 LM, Lamborghini Veneno, Lamborghini Centinario, Rimac Concept 1, Zenvo ST1 & TS1, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Aston Martin Vulcan. The list goes on