Tuesday, 7 March 2017

9 Reasons Why People Buy Luxury Cars

Hello Supercars Of Nigeria fans, its been a while, una know say coming up with Car stories is not easy, I no be Linda Ikeji wey dey talk about everyday things. Anyway, today, we will be talking about why people buy all these extra ordinary cars. ever seen a Bentley and say "Jesuuu"..... well, that has happened to me several times, that was why I created my IG page sef, to show you guys the oppression I encounter everyday in Lagos.

Well, we will be listing 9 reasons why we think some people go for these extraordinary cars, tell us if we're right or wrong.....

1. Attention

If you own a luxury car, then you know what Im talking about. If you dont own one, you still know what Im talking about. When you see a Lambo or a Ferrari driving down the road, looking at it is almost a reflex. Every day you can see people taking photos of a parked super-car. There is something about these fantastic machines that simply pulls us towards them – all of us men and women.
Now, if you own one such car, you are probably used to all the attention your car is getting. It might have felt a bit weird in the beginning, but you liked it anyway. And it is not just about the attention people pay to your car; you also get plenty, as the driver (and the owner). People simply look at you differently; they admire you, they envy you; hell, they hate you, but it all feels good at times, if not most of the time.

2. Passion for Driving and/or Addiction to Adrenaline

Some people are truly passionate about driving, and nearly off all them dream of at least one super-car. You can be a great driver, but the car youre driving makes all the difference. Therefore, for better performance, you need a better car. This hobby is helluva fun, but it is also expensive as hell. The harder you push the car, and the more often you do it, the higher (and more expensive) the maintenance.

3. Status symbol

It might be superficial, but its true. Owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, McLaren, or a Rolls Royce, will bring a certain something into your social life and your social status. People will see you as a powerful person, and, depending on the type of the car you drive, they may also see you as a classy, smart, successful, or fun. In some cases, depending on the car, you can be all of that.
Some people are forced (yes, forced!) to drive an expensive vehicle (when they are not being driven by their personal driver), because their business status simply demands it.
However, if a person has poor manners, and/or other similar issues, there is no super-car in the world that can help him/her. The class will be just an appearance, and it wont last too long. Your car can help you charm people, but it can also help you make them despise you. That part mostly depends on you.

4. The Car Can Help You With Your Business

It can. Seriously. In a way, your car is a statement, just like your company website, or your formal business clothes you wear in meetings. It is an important element that helps constitute the overall impression. And you know how it goes with first impressions: they are easy to form and difficult to change. Therefore, you want your business partners, and your potential clients, to see you as a successful person, someone they can rely on, a person in control.
The right type of car will do miracles in creating this impression. The rest is up to you, of course, but it is always good to have a good start.
And let us not forget the color. Choose the color according to the type of business youre in. Red, yellow, orange and sky blue will be a good choice if you are in the car industry, entertainment industry, sports or arts. Grey, black, white, beige, metallic and other dimmed shades will go well with real estate, law, counselling of any type, and banking.

5. Investment

Yes, buying a luxury car is actually an investment. As the time goes by, the value will increase (in most cases), depending on the maintenance and overall care. This is especially true for rare models, or cars that had been owned by notable people. Steve McQueens Ferrari has been sold at an auction for 12,000,000 USD. And the new owner could probably sell it for more money, if he chose to.

6. Quality

It is a well known fact that some used cars, even if they are ten years old (or older), will still be in better shape and more reliable then a new average car, or even an above-average car. For example, I own a ten-year-old Porsche Cayenne, and it has never let me down. The best car is a new car used to be correct a decade or two ago, but that has changed; each year new cars are made, and each year they disappoint their owners. They are simply not built to last too long.

7. Self-Esteem Issues

Thats right, there are folks with serious or less serious self-esteem issues. They need the car to draw attention, impress others, hoping to feel better about themselves. We know that luxury cars naturally draw attention, so this is an easy way to get it. Even though some of these people know that this kind of attention and kindness are superficial and directed more to the car than to the owner, they are willing to settle for that.
In some cases, these owners are not rich people; after buying a luxury car, they probably wont be able to afford anything else, but at least they will have one good thing to feel good about. Until it is time for the regular big service.

8. A Dream Come True

Nearly every guy has a dream car. Some of them are ready to work hard for years and decades, just so they can buy the cars theyve always dreamed of. It takes sacrifice, dedication, hard work, and very frequent and unpleasant arguments with the wife. And if he survives all that, he definitely deserves a reward. A Bentley, for example.

9. A Gift For A Special Person

Buying a luxury car for a significant other, or a very close person, is a good way of taking their breath away. It can be an expression of gratitude, love, or your intention to be around forever. Of course, forever can bring certain complications, so you should also keep in mind that in case you get divorced, you will have another expensive thing to fight over.


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