Friday, 8 July 2016

How Naija Music Stars Hype Their Cars Tho.....

Kcee buys brand new Lincoln Navigator
Kcee's 2007 Model Lincoln Navigator
We all know our Naija celebrities work hard and make plenty money, its a saying, person wey work hard deserves a little time to enjoy so its not a big deal when I see these celebs buying cars and showing them off on Instagram.

But what confuses me is the way they hype the cars they usually buy and the price tag attached to them, but I'm not really sure if its them or the entertainment blogs that exaggerate stories, that's why I say I'm confused.

I remember when Ice Prince bought a Bentley GT (its a good thing to buy a Bentley tho), the headlines caught my attention "Ice Prince Buys N46million Bentley GT", let me show you a few lines from the story...

"Ice Prince just acquired the Bentley GT Coupe said to be worth N46million, thereby joining the league of Bentley owners in Nigeria. The car, which is a 2010 model, was not shipped but flown into the country. It landed in Nigeria just yesterday and reports say it cost another N4m to fly the car into the country"

But later we found out that he bought the Bentley in Abuja, and that was because the person he bought it from came out to say he hasn't finished paying for it and he has been avoiding him, although Ice Prince came out to say its a lie (we don't know who to believe), lol. Now the Bentley is parked somewhere for like a year now with the grilles gone, the tyres have different rims and the windows broken and patched with nylon, would you treat a N46m car you bought 2 years ago like that? (I posted it on my page sometimes ago).

Ice Prince and his Bentley
Now the news circulating Naija blogs is that Limpopo crooner just acquired the latest limited edition and expensive Lincoln Navigator. but looking at the picture you'll realize its a 2007 Lincoln Navigator. The latest Lincoln is bigger and longer, picture below and its even a 2015, a new Navigator is scheduled for 2017....

And below is the one Kcee just got himself....

All I'm saying is that we know these celebrities can afford these cars, so if they buy them, just say you bought them and don't go into details cos most of those details are lies, lol. Congrats to Kcee still.


  1. Nice and informative article. I did not know you have a blog. I'll follow a bit more closely. The link on your IG bio is incorrect though, I had to google your blog.

  2. It's the crave for recognition that drives them...why not just buy your lavish cars and let the media announce it for you?