Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mercedes Banz S Class Vs Bentley Mulsanne

This Beast youre looking at is a Bentley Mulsanne, and it is one of the finest, rarest and most expensive cars in the world, that is to say, if you have N100m, it can be yours, lol.

But the problem I have now is that out of boredom tonight, im trying to compare cars, but what car do you compare a car like this to? My first instinct was the Rolls-Royce Phantom, so I visited the Rolls-Royce website but .later I was like "oh boi, these are 2 British cars na, and they even look alike, let me look for something else", so now I have decided to compare it to another car and that car has a 3 pointed star (ua don sabi the car abi?lol)

This is a Mercedes Benz s600 and it costs around N40m, it runs on a 5.5litre Twin Turbo v12 engine that makes 510 horsepower and 612 pound feat of Torque, oooooshay, this beast will finish any car o, but erm you know what? its not good enough, goodbye s600, and thanks for wasting my time.
Hmmmm, this is more like it. This is a Mercedes Benz s65amg and it costs about N60m, you sabi why? because it has one of the most exquisite hand built engines in the world (@f1mike28 on Instagram, I see you), a 6litre Twin Turbo v12 engine that makes 621 horsepower and 728 pound feat of Torque. The Mulsanne makes only 505 horsepower but 752 pound feat of Torque at
1800 RPMs and na 6.8litre V8. Now that's some proper comparism.


Lets start with the backseats of these cars because if you make like N500m per annum like me, lol and you can afford cars like this, then im sure you might have a driver who will drive you around, oh boi, see interior, see leg room, see gadgets, see leather, so soft and beautiful, and theres a full seat control button, you can heat or cool the seat, you can push the cushion out, raise and lower the seat for height etc. Im flabbergasted.
Now we're in the Mulsanne, first of all do you know that the hides of 17 cows make up the interior of this beauty? ehn? 17 cows? how much is a cow in Lagos sef? and one thing I noticed is it has the same bells and whistles as the s65, you can cool and heat your seats blah blah blah but entering the Mulsanne for the first time you'll notice everything is hidden and everything pops out on a click of a button, una see those screens and keyboards? theyre not visible too when you step into the Mulsanne but with a click of a button a picnic table pops up, touch another little button on the picnic table and it transforms into an ipad and a keyboard, one each for both passengers, that parole alone costs an extra 30k Dollars o (owo Toyota Camry Meji). Im flabbergasted too, lol.

Oya lets compare the cockpits, if you've ever driven an S Class before (I never drive s65amg before o but ive driven an s500 before) then theres not really to talk about here but one thing, Torque, this car get many Torque o, lol press the accelerator small and e go be like say you dey fly, the twin turbo v12 makes so much twisting force wey be say no 7 speed transmission fit handle am, that's why it has 5 speed, but even with the 5 speed, na rocket, you no even need reach gear 5, lol.  would love to own this car o, but if I remember N60m, I just face my front.

Oya look at the cockpit of the Mulsanne, driving this thing is like being JayZ on the Red Carpet, everybody is looking, everybody has got their phones out to take a picture to send to my Instagram DM (@supercarsofnigeria) and everybody wants to be your friend. When it comes to speed, everyday drive and doing a stunt, ill choose the s66, but on a Sunday Sunday parole and slow show off drive (although this car has more torque than the s65) ill choose this one, and for N100m, I will want to show off, and like most cars like the s65 that has a comfort and a sport setting, this one sef get am, and it also has a Bentley setting, that is to say, between comfort and sports, luxury and aggression, the Bentley sits in the middle.

Anyway, with all the review wey I don do, if im asked to choose one for keeps, I think ill go with the Mulsanne, apart from anything, ill choose it cos its a Bentley and im a Bentley boy. I never drive Mulsanne before o but ive driven the Flying Spur once, and I started the engine of a GT but the owner no gree make I drive am *sad*.

Ok if it was you, which would you choose? lol Im Ladi Bentley, goodnight.



  1. If we were comparing S600 and a mulsanne fine I would have taken the mulsanne, but that's an S65 right there man, that's a NASA's rocket sitting there man, I wouldn't hesitate man. Nice one bro, I respect you. I am