Friday, 26 February 2016

Flashback Fridays....................... Bentley Arnage

Bentley Arnage

This is a Bentley Arnage, its the Bentley Mulsanne's predecessor, it was built with Volkswagen money but its still very British, you can tell that if you step into it, I once did. Most things in itt is loose and the key is very slow motion (well,The Nigerian National Theatre Building looks so beautiful on the outside but the inside is nothing to write home about, nobody seems to care about that anyway), and everything being loose is deliberate, that's the thing about Bentley, they have a different approach to everything.

The Bentley Arnage Engine
Most of the Engines in today's big cars are 21st century fuel efficient tree huggers, but the 6.75Litre V8 in this Bentley can trace its roots back to 1959, the trees wither when they hear it coming, it big, beautiful, and UNBELIEVABLY powerful.

A car that embodies all the refinement, the character and the potency for which Arnage stands; and one that celebrates the end of a glorious era.

Handbuilt at Crewe and limited to an exclusive 150 cars worldwide, this magnificent car combines turbocharged potency, leading technology and meticulous craftsmanship; all of which adds up to an incomparable driving experience.

A fitting way to celebrate a great British car. And to the remarkable power of Bentley's iconic V8 engine, the driving force behind Bentley for the past 50 years.

Front View

With a 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine, it has enormous reserves of power. Nevertheless, the 450bhp (336kW) is delivered in a smooth and progressive manner, enhancing the sense of comfort and control. The famous 6.75 litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivers an unrestrained 500bhp (373kW) and an astonishing 738lb ft (1,000Nm) of torque. This translates into a maximum speed of 179mph (288km/h) and a 0-60mph time of just 5.2 seconds (0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds).

These levels of power, together wîth sports suspension tuned for optimal driving enjoyment are represented by the legendary black badge that gleams on the bonnet, a badge of honour reserved for only the highest performing Bentleys.
More than anything else it is the torque, not the horsepower figures alone, that gives the Bentley engine its inimitable feel of effortless performance.

Torque is the force that changes a steady state of motion, unlike power, which is the force that maintains it. When you accelerate it is the torque that you feel changing the rate of motion, not just the horsepower. In a Bentley, torque is very much in the foreground of the driving experience. It is particularly appreciated at low revs, giving an impression of effortless progress.

Since its debut in 1998 the Arnage has conveyed an air of sophisticated understatement as the four-door flagship of the Bentley range. Over the last decade the car has undergone a process of constant refinement to its body, design, chassis and powertrain to maintain its class-leading position in the high luxury market.
•Handcrafted at Bentley, Crewe, Arnage Final Series is an exclusive run of 150 cars, celebrating the last of Arnage
•Combining the performance of the T wîth the refinement of the R, Arnage Final Series is the ultimate expression of class-leading luxury and effortless power
•Arnage Final Series is the culmination of 90 years of Bentley heritage and marks the 50th anniversary of the company's iconic V8 engine
•Arnage Final Series also signals the end of an era as Bentley prepares for the future (they started making the GT and Flying Spur Models after the Arnage Final Series production was stopped).

Im Ladi Bentley, Goodnight.


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