Tuesday, 23 February 2016

10 Tips For Maintaining Your Car Tyres For Safety And Economy

Car tyres are one of the most important things on your car, most people will say "ahan, is it the car engine? how much is a car tyre sef", yeah tyres might not be expensive but do you know they are the only contact your car has with the roads? and like shoes, your tyres show the kind of style you have, I mean, something like "low profile" tyres on 24inch rims, lol.

Was talking to a female friend I just met and she was like "nice job with the blog and the car comparisons, but have you tot of sharing with people how to maintain their cars, the engines, the tyres etc", I felt that was a good one so I decided to give tips on how to maintain car tyres tonight.

Cadillac Escalade sitting on 26inch Low Profile Tyres

"I put Lamborghini doors on that Es-ca-lade, Low pro's so low look like I'm riding on blades"..... Those are 50cent's words in one of his songs, you can see how important tyres are?

Lets get to business, tyres that are inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations will give optimum grip and handling of the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption (talking about grips, as a child I used to think all those lines on tyres were for decoration). Regular checks of your tyres can help to increase their life span and save unnecessary premature replacement.

Checking Tyre Pressure and Condition

The tyre placard, fixed in a front door aperture or in another accessible part of your vehicle, specifies the vehicle manufacturer's requirements for wheel and tyre combinations, air pressure, load capacity and speed rating.
  • Legal tread depth minimum is 1.5mm. When the tread reaches the level of the tread depth indicator, it is time to replace the tyre.
  • Check the air pressure at least once a month, or more if your vehicle travels high kilometres, and ensure they are inflated as recommended on the tyre placard. Tyre pressure may need to vary according to driving conditions and load.
  • Ensure caps are fitted to tyre valves to prevent the entry of dust that may allow air to escape.
  • Remove objects such as stones which may have become embedded in the tread.
  • Check for irregularities such as cuts or bulges and if found have the tyre checked by a dealer for internal damage.
  • Have a wheel balance and or alignment performed annually, if tyres are wearing unevenly, if there has been severe impact with a kerb or pothole or when replacing tyres.
  • Tyres can be rotated to maximise their life span, but check with the manufacturer's requirements and a tyre dealer as some tyres are directional and may only be changed from front to back.
  • Minimise excessive and erratic braking or acceleration to reduce wear.
  • Ensure tyres do not impact with the kerb when parking.
  • Remember to check the pressure and condition of your spare tyre at the same time.

Example of good tyres

Replacing Your Tyres

Ensure tyre replacement occurs as soon as it becomes necessary.
When replacing tyres you do not necessarily have to retain the same type of tyre that was originally fitted to the vehicle as long as the tyres are an approved alternative. The driving and road conditions particular to your vehicle should influence your choice of tyres. The most expensive is not always the best choice for your vehicle.
Proper maintenance should ensure safer driving and prolong the life of your tyres.

Don't let your tyres mess you up before you know they need attention

Im Ladi Bentley, Later.


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